Programme 2021

3rd International Workshop on Acute Leukaemias
28-30 April 2021

Wednesday: April 28, 2021

10:00am EST

Opening Remarks and Introductions
Dieter Hoelzer & Daniel DeAngelo


Session 1: Advances in T-ALL
Chairs: Dieter Hoelzer & Daniel DeAngelo

  • Update in T-ALL biology: Jan Cools
  • Prognostic impact of T-ALL subtype: Jonathan Bond
  • CAR T-cells for T-ALL?: He Huang
  • COG AALL0434 in newly diagnosed t-cell ALL: Stuart Winter    

Panel Discussion



Session 2: B-ALL
Chairs: Charles Mullighan & Robin Foa

  • Scientific update in B-ALL: Charles Mullighan
  • Blinatumomab in frontline pediatric ALL: Patrick Brown
  • Venetoclax plus navitoclax for ALL: Jeffrey Rubnitz
  • Reducing T-cell exhaustion with CD19/CD3 BiTEs: Nora Zieger

Panel Discussion



Session 3: MRD and diagnostics
Chairs: Sabina Chiaretti & Gianni Cazzaniga

  • Stratifying risk with MRD in ALL: Mignon Loh
  • MRD in infant ALL: Janine Stutterheim
  • MRD; which method and which sensitivity required?: Monika Bruggeman

Panel Discussion



Session 4: Immunotherapies
Chairs: Robin Foa & Daniel DeAngelo

  • R/R ALL: BLINA OR INO FIRST? Which combinations?
    • Blinatumomab: Elias Jabbour
    • Inotuzumab: Nicola Gökbuget

Panel discussion



Session 5: When to place CAR-T in the clinical routine?
Chairs: Dieter Hoelzer & Sabina Chiaretti

  • Allografting for adults with ALL: our direction of travel: David Marks
  • Managing toxicities in CAR T-cell ALL patients: Jordan Gauthier
  • CAR T-cell therapy followed by transplant in children/YAs: Daniel Lee
  • A Feasibility and Safety Study of a Novel CD19-Directed Synthetic T-Cell Receptor and Antigen Receptor (STAR) T-Cell Therapy for Refractory and Relapsed B-ALL: Peggy Lu

Panel discussion



Day 1, Conclusions & Wrap up



Thursday: April 29, 2021

10:00am EST

Opening Remarks and Introductions
Richard Stone & Mark Levis


Session 6: Advances in AML biology
Chairs: Ravi Majeti & Marin Konopleva

  • Single cell genomics and AML: Koichi Takahashi
  • Epigenomics in AML: Mark Dawson
  • Stem Cells in Human AML: Ravi Majeti
  • CHIP: Updates and Future Directions: Liran Shlush

Panel Discussion



Session 7: Controversies in AML
Chairs: Richard Stone & Andrew Wei

  • 7+3 or VEN-AZA for complex karyotype AML
      • 7+3-: Stéphane De Botton
      • HMA-based: Daniel Pollyea
      • Panel Discussion


  •  Is it safe to delay initiation of induction?
      • Yes – Mark Levis
      • No – Gunnar Juliusson
      • Panel Discussion 



Session 8: ASCT and post-ASCT maintenance approaches
Chairs: Charlie Craddock & Sergio Giralt

  • Graft-versus-Leukemia biology: Paresh Vyas
  • MRD and AML: Chris Hourigan
  • UK Impact transplant trials: Charlie Craddock
  • Optimizing the conditioning regimen in AML: Alessandro Rambaldi
  • Post-transplant maintenance therapy-where are we?: Victoria Potter
  • Novel immunotherapeutic strategies post BMT: John DiPersio

Panel Discussion



Session 9: MDS new data/novel therapies
Chairs: Amer Zeidan & Guillermo Garcia-Manero

  • Venetoclax and immune checkpoint blockade in MDS: Amer Zeidan
  • Imetelstat and roxadustat in MDS: Valeria Santini
  • APR-246 and magrolimab in MDS: Rami Komrokji
  • Oral HMAs/Pevonedistat in MDS: Guillermo Garcia-Manero

Panel Discussion


Day 2, Conclusions & Wrap up



Friday: April 30, 2021

10:00am EST

Opening Remarks and Introductions
Navel Daver & Marion Subklewe


Session 10: Mechanisms of drug resistance       
Chairs: Jessica Altman & Andrew Wei

  • FLT3 inhibitors: Catherine Smith
  • Venetoclax: Andrew Wei
  • IDHi: Amir Fathi
  • GO: Roland Walter

Panel Discussion



Session 11: To target or not in elderly AML
Chairs: Mark Levis & Farhad Ravandi

  • Should FLT3 inhibitors be used in all frontline FLT3 AML not eligible for intensive therapy?
      • Pro: Naval Daver
      • Con: Alexander Perl
      • Panel Discussion


  • Is HMA-VEN or HMA-IDH inhibitor the optimal frontline therapy for frontline IDHm AML not eligible for intensive therapy?
      • Pro HMA-IDH: Eytan Stein
      • Pro HMA-VEN: Courtney DiNardo
      • Panel Discussion 



Session 12: Emerging therapies in AML   
Chairs: Gail Roboz & Courtney DiNardo

  • Molecular biomarkers and triplets with HMA-VEN: Marina Konopleva
  • Anti-CD47: David Sallman
  • Menin: Eunice Wang
  • RAR: Stéphane de Botton
  • Oral HMA: Gail Roboz

Panel Discussion



Session 13: Immunotherapeutics in AML              
Chairs: Naval Daver & Amir Fathi

  • Understanding immunobiology of AML: Ivana Gojo
  • BiTES: Marion Subklewe
  • Checkpoints: Joshua Zeidner
  • CAR T: Saar Gill

Panel Discussion


Day 3, Conclusions & Wrap up

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